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Children's Garden Montessori | Preschool for 2 to 6 year olds

Toddler Program

Two year old children are welcome in our Toddler class. We are able to accept some 18 month olds, depending on their readiness. There are a maximun of twelve children at any one time with two teachers, Ms. Carolyn and Ms. Julee. There are two goals for the Toddler class. One is to support the children to be as independant as possible. And the second is to provide an environment rich in language.

The teachers in the classroom are narrating the children's experieinces to give the children the words to navigate the world they live in. The children might not be using their expressive language at this time, but they are like sponges, absorbing the language they hear around them.

Effective Farewell Routines are Consistent, Loving and Brief

We respectfully request that the drop off for your child be loving and quick. We have observed that families with a consistent, brief goodbye routine have a less dramatic separation. Our group class will begin at 9:15 am. Please complete your farewells before that time.

Snack for Toddlers

The children love snack time, and food provides a routine and focus for them. The teachers involve the children in various culinary projects that the children enjoy making and eating. Parents do not need to bring snack; simply give $20 cash to Ms. Carolyn once a month to cover the cost of groceries.

Why you Won't see Holiday Decorations in the Toddler class

For our toddlers, consistency is of primary importance. Our classroom environment remains constant with only subtle shifts as more challenging work is set out. We strive to infuse the surroundings with subtle beauty. As a result, we avoid the frill and fanfare of holidays. A seasonal honoring will occur because of the profound lessons that abound in Nature but without all of the twinkle and glitter.

Birthday Celebrations for Toddlers

Birthday celebrations are low key. They may be acknowledged with a special snack that can be enjoyed by the class. We appreciate your understanding as we work to maintain an authentic and enriching environment for your child.

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