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Children's Garden Montessori | Preschool for 2 to 6 year olds

Vaccinations or Exemptions


Children’s Garden Montessori must have the current immunization records or approved exemptions for all enrolled children on or before their first day of school.

If you are considering opting out of vaccinations, please know that most parents vaccinate their children, and most people agree that the benefits of vaccines, both individual and societal, far outweigh the risks.  We want to minimize the health risk to the very young children enrolled at our school, and the young siblings at home, who are too young to be completely immunized.

To get an exemption, per state law, you will need to provide to the health department and to Children’s Garden Montessori: (1) A certificate of a duly licensed physician stating that the physical condition of the child is such that immunization would seriously endanger the life or health of the child; or (2) Affidavits or written affirmation from an officer of a recognized religious denomination that such child’s parents or guardians are bona fide members of a denomination whose religious teaching requires reliance upon prayer or spiritual means alone for healing; (3) Affidavits or written affirmation from the parent or legal guardian that the parent’s religious beliefs, held either individually or jointly with others, do not permit the administration of vaccine or other immunizing agent.  We have the same requirements as Santa Fe Public Schools regarding vaccinations.

If there is an outbreak of a disease for which there is a vaccine, families who have opted out of vaccinations with an exemption will need to keep their children at home, as required by the Public Health Department.  There will be no refund of tuition.

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